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Graphic Design for a Local Band

In August of 2013, I was asked to develop some imagery for a local band’s social media as well as other, printed material.

The Beam Me Up Ska-T’s are a ska band from Ogden, Utah who love Star Trek and puns.

I created a few different versions of the following, using a font based on the 1960s television show. I also had the idea to blend Star Trek characters Spock and Uhura with Walt Jabsco and Betty (sometimes called Beat Girl), iconic images from the 1960s ska movement.

As evident by this and other content, I was asked to substitute the “A” in “Ska-T’s” with the arrowhead emblem from the show. I had reservations doing so, in part because I feel it reduces legibility and because I don’t want to be party to copyright infringement. CBS and Paramount – If you’re reading this, I’m sorry; I didn’t want to do it. But in the end the Ska-T’s were the client and I thought it was best to make it look good, rather than have someone else do a second rate job.


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The Antics research and presentation

In autumn of 2011, as a part of a privately contracted team of three, I did research for The Antics and presented our findings in a meeting with one of the Co-Managers. What follows is 1) a pdf of our initial situational analysis, objectives, publics, messages, strategies and tactics, action plan and evaluation plan, and 2) the power point presentation, with the text re-written below each slide.

The Antics Comedy Improv Troupe

The Antics

Comedy Improv Troupe


Became independent from USU Improv July 2010

Perform every Friday

  • 10 pm
  • $5
  • Logan Arthouse and Cinema, 795 N Main

13 performers

2 co-managers

Average monthly attendance: 307


Other comedy improv troupes:

  • Out of the Blue Entertainment, Fire House Pizzeria, Friday nights at 9:30 pm
  • Logan Out Loud, Logan Arthouse and Cinema, Saturday nights at 9:30 pm

Other entertainment options:

  • Movies
  • Campus Activities
  • Sports

Current Business Goal:

Increase average weekly attendance to 100

SWOT Analysis – Strengths

  • “PG” improv comedy
  • Less expensive than other improv comedy acts
  • Employ more experienced improvisers
  • Consistent in their schedule of shows
  • Little competition in Cache Valley
  • Easy name recognition
  • Affiliated with USU improv
  • Wide diversity in their actors
  • More diverse games
  • Variety of discounts (punchcards, fliers, etc)

SWOT Analysis – Weaknesses

  • Late show
  • Lack of marketing
  • The Arthouse has limited parking
  • The Arthouse is out of the way
  • Lack of social media presence
  • Lack of awareness or understanding among target audiences

SWOT Analysis – Opportunities

Media relations with all local news outlets, especially the Herald Journal’s extra arts magazine

Marketing on campus

Targeting other markets besides college students

Team up with other businesses to create special offers

Social media campaigns

Stronger involvement with Utah State, through housing, Greeks, clubs

Community centers, i.e. retirement centers (no tretirement homes)

Flash mob


  • T-shirts
  • Stickers

SWOT Analysis – Threats

  • Logan Arthouse shutting down
  • Summers and holiday weekends
  • The Arthouse will not kick performers out who have shows before the Antics, even if they are going longer than scheduled

Communications Objectives – Informational

  • Increase awareness. This can be measured by polling. An increase of 50% would be considered effective.
  • Increase understanding of differences between improv and stand-up. This can be measured by surveying. An increase of 25% would be considered effective.

Communications Objectives – Attitudinal

  • Persuade Cache Valley residents 10:30 is not too late to go to an improv comedy show. This can be measured by surveying. An increase of 30% would be considered effective.

Communications Objectives – Behavioral

  • Increase retention of attendees. This can be measured by the amount of filled out punch cards returned. Currently, the weekly average is 2.5 turned in every week. Doubling that number by the end of April is an achievable goal.

Key Audiences

College students

High School students


  • Young marrieds
  • With children under 12
  • With teenage children
  • Elderly, with grandchildren

Burgeoning improv performers

Key Messages

“Improv: It’s more fun and less expensive than a movie”

A great and different date night

“Best bang for your buck”

“The funniest five dollars you’ll ever spend”

It’s not like watching stand-up: Improv is never the same thing twice

It’s not like watching stand-up: You can be part of the show in improv

  • Why watch late night TV, when you can be part of improv comedy?

Fill a punch-card: Come to six shows, you and a friend get in for free

It’s not too late! You’re still awake. Come have fun.

Get to know the improv craft at the professional level

It’s good clean fun

Action Plan

  • Aggie Radio
  • Ads on buses
  • Sidewalk Chalk
  • Electronic Media
  • Fliers
  • Posters
  • Newspaper stories and ads

Evaluation Plan

General Survey to establish a base line

  • survey after each academic semester to gauge success
  • survey can be handed out at shows
  • completed surveys can be traded in for candy at the door

Attendance and revenue will also be used

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the green gum goes greener

As part of a team of three, I wrote the copy for this ad to promote the William Wrigley Jr. Company’s “Sustainability In Action” campaign, as well as help edit the photo.

the green gum goes greener

The text is as follows:

Wrigley’s believes in advancing the well being of people and the planet, now and for future generations, by making sound environmental, social, and economic practices second nature in everything we do.

Today, more than ever, sustainability is one of our leading priorities and we have committed our people, our resources, and our innovative energy to advancing the well being of our associates and our neighbors around the world. We are committed to reduce our waste, carbon footprint, and water impact by at least 3 percent every year, regardless of business growth. We are committed to using sustainable materials and partnering with sustainable suppliers. We are committed to further educating and promoting responsible use and disposal of our products.

The following was originally intended to run at the bottom of the ad:

What are you committed to do? Join us at

Here is an alternate version of the ad, with a different tagline:

Chew beautiful. Chew green. Chew Wrigley.

Image layout by Cody Littlewood.

The Wrigley Company is a recognized leader in the confectionary industry and the world’s largest manufacturer of chewing gum. Founded in 1891, they sell their brands in more than 180 countries and operate 25 manufacturing sites in 15 countries. Three brands – Altoids®, Juicy Fruit®, and Wrigley’s Spearmint®  – stretch back more than a century.

Wrigley has its headquarters in Chicago, and operates as a subsidiary of Mars, Incorporated, a private, family owned company founded in 1911. Mars, Incorporated is one of the world’s largest food companies, generating global revenues of $30 billion annually.

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Press Release: New Recording Studio Helps Companies Advertise Through Music

Because of the public nature of the internet, I have edited out some potentially sensitive information.

For Immediate Release:

Date: October 21, 2010

Contact: Randy Graves, Noisefloor9 owner

Address: ### X. XXXXX XXXXXX, Mapleton, UT 84664

Phone: ###-###-####


New Recording Studio Helps Companies Advertise Through Music

Noisefloor9 focuses on businesses’ core messages in creating soundtrack

MAPLETON, Utah – Noisefloor9 uses professional training and equipment to compose and produce quality music geared towards a business’s specific needs, ranging from radio jingles to full-length film soundtracks. Nf9 creates custom music, specifically designed for their clients’ videos, matching the emotion and flow of the video. Nf9 believes that a business’s video will we better served by using music which has been produced specifically for that video by a professional who understands their clients’ tastes, goals, and overall message.

Owner Randy Graves said, “Noisefloor9 is a music and production studio that does all kinds of music, believing that well written music contains power. We’d like to find it, harness it, and use it in your story. Teamed with Noisefloor9, your message will have more impact.”

Nf9 presents professional experience in a range of musical styles and with a variety of equipment. Nf9 also offers recording space and in-studio advice to artists and bands.

Michael Hylton, a music teacher from Cache Valley, said, “I have worked with Randy recording and it was great to have him take the time to really make sure we had everything sounding just right. He was able to come up with great ideas and strategies to get my drum kit sounding just like I wanted it too.”

Nf9 has composed and produced music for commercials and film soundtracks, as well as recorded albums for multiple music groups. Graves has been involved in music composition and production since 1991.

Contact info: Paul Siddoway, PR coordinator


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nf9 Video PSA

00:00:00: Clip from The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

00:05:00: Continue clip, cut sound.

00:07:00: Voice over, “Imagine your favorite movie without music.”

00:10:00: Candid shots of peoples’ lives in big life moments (weddings, birthdays, bar mitzvahs). Music from client, melodic and simplistic.


00:30:00: Video of bride walking down the aisle, push in on bride’s face. Continue same music track. V/O, “Whether it’s your wedding,

00:35:00: Video of teenage girl’s birthday, wide shot. Continue music track. V/O, “your sweet sixteen,

00:40:00: Video of family playing at the beach, pan right to left following parents and children running along beach with kite. Continue music track. V/O, “or any moment in your movie,

00:45:00: Continue same music track and begin to crescendo. V/O, “music tells the story of our lives.” Candid shots continue, fading between family at an amusement park,

00:46:00: mid-20’s guy with dog at park,

00:47:00: teenage boys skateboarding,

00:48:00: 8-10 year old girls horseback riding,

00:49:00: and high school students dancing at a school dance.

00:50:00: Client’s example work of a wedding. Music continues. V/O, “It allows us to encapsulate the emotions of every moment of our lives.”

00:55:00: Music ends. Voice over, “Let Noisefloor9 help tell your story.” Fade out of wedding into slate:

The Wizard of Oz is property of Turner Entertainment Co. and Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

00:60:00: Cut to black.

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Noisefloor9 meets XXXXXXX

This business proposal did not close. Because of that, I have edited out any identifiers of the other company.

As part of a privately contracted team of three in the fall of 2010, I helped draft a presentation for a merger between nf9 and another company. What follows is the power point presentation, with the text re-written below each slide.

noisefloor9 meets XXXXXXX

Presentation team:

Kendra Fahnestock

Cody Littlewood

Paul Siddoway



Custom music

  • Enhance company story lines and messages

Original soundscapes

  • Music for family videos, original videos, or any occasion

Recording and producing

  • Professional quality recording for any musical group


Pre-production services

  • Script writing and conception
  • Location scouting
  • Actor and model casting


Production services

  • Studio and on-location video recording
  • Live event or on-demand presentations
  • Audio recording


Post-production services

  • Video editing
  • DVD authoring and mastering
  • Audio post-production and mixing

XXXXXXX produces high quality video and has a wide array of clients. noisefloor9 records and produces high quality original audio and masters it for produced video.

Our need

  • A video producing company to edit and produce out clients’ videos
  • More projects in which high quality, custom audio is needed
  • A larger client base
  • More publicity

The exchange

noisefloor9 will

  • Record and produce the audio for XXXXXXX’s video projects
  • Refer clients in need of video editing and production to XXXXXXX
  • List XXXXXXX as a partner on company webpage, social media, newsletter, advertisements and any other appropriate mediums

The exchange


  • Use noisefloor9 for all of their audio recording and production needs on every project
  • Refer clients who only need audio work to noisefloor9
  • List noisefloor9 as a partner on company webpage, social media, newsletter, advertisements and any other appropriate mediums

The loss

  • The companies will split the commission from the project 50-50 that both are contracted on.

noisefloor9 can benefit XXXXXXX by

  • Higher quality audio product
  • Custom audio
  • High turnover rate
  • Double clientele
  • Free publicity
  • Freeing up time for XXXXXXX to produce more videos

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nf9 Pamphlet

Because of the public nature of the internet, I have edited out some potentially sensitive information.

As part of a privately contracted team of three in the fall of 2010, I drafted a pamphlet for noisefloor9 which could also be mailed out. The center and right panels of the image below were the two on the outside. In the next image, the center and right thirds are the innermost sections of the pamphlet.



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