Work Experience

Solution Marketing Content Specialist, October 2013 – Present

Digital/Social Media Specialist, April 2012 – October 2013

MarketStar, Ogden, Utah

My main duties consisted of being the point of contact between the marketing and recruiting departments. I have increased our Facebook and Twitter followings and engagement with those followings. I monitor media sources for content pertinent to MarketStar and create additional content for our social media platforms. I also manage our LinkedIn group and WordPress. Other regular projects include writing and editing job postings, sending daily internal emails, updating employees on new positions, helping in the on-boarding of new employees, and managing communications between potential employees and recruiters. Special projects include designing recruiting brochures to hand out at career fairs, conducting focus groups for updating website content, and event planning/management.

As part of the marketing team, I help support our demand generation efforts with industry-specific content and case studies. I also regularly assist with design projects as well as help manage internal and social communications. Recently, I helped overhaul MarketStar’s website. I created content detailing MarketStar’s solutions; the people, technology, and insights that are a part of those solutions; and downloadable support content which tells a more in-depth story.

I had become MarketStar’s go-to person for video production. I have written a dozen external and internal facing videos over the past year and a half. I often shoot and edit the videos myself, or use a vendor working under my direction when needed. In October 2014, one video which I wrote, shot, and edited won Jive Software’s Workstyle Award at their annual conference.


  • Jodie Lee, Director of Recruiting
  • Adam Gunn, Director of Marketing and Creative Services

Volunteer Communications Associate, January – December 2011

True Blue Communication, Logan, Utah

While volunteering for a PR agency, I was the account manager for the Sexual Assault and Anti-Violence Information center. I helped do research (including focus groups), do event planning, as well as write public service announcements. As account manager, I was also responsible to keep the client informed of our progress. I also worked on the Community Abuse Prevention Services Agency account, writing PSA’s. I also worked on the American West Heritage Center account, doing situation and event research, at the end of which I was part of the proposal presentation team.


PR Projects:

Communications Specialist, November 2010 – March 2012

Jon M. Huntsman School of Business, USU, Logan, Utah

While an intern at the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business at USU, I wrote and edited stories for publications targeted at internal and external publics. I was part of the team that wrote and edited press releases as well. As this internship turned into a regular position, I managed social media, monitored news outlets for references to the school, was a photojournalist, was a ghostwriter, and helped during crisis management.


PR Projects:

Volunteer Reporter, January 2010 – May 2010

Hard News Café, Logan, Utah

During my time with the HNC, I was the regular beat reporter for the town of Paradise. I also was a feature story writer, police and court story writer, and photojournalist.


Mentor, August 2009 – March 2012

Catalyst Residential Treatment Center, Brigham City, Utah

I was most often charged with monitoring, observing and charting behaviors of, and interacting with teenage boys with personality disorders who were overcoming drug and alcohol addiction. Interacting with the patients included interpersonal communication, cooking and cleaning with them, and tutoring them in school and music. As lead mentor, I organized the other mentors on shift. I was also a medical coordinator, in charge of taking inventory of and dispensing the patients’ medications; a vehicle coordinator, in charge of vehicle maintenance, operation and safety; and part of a team of mentors in charge of recreation therapy planning and implementation for the patients. For this job I had to become CPR and PCS certified. I also had to receive my food handler’s permit.


Desk manager, June 2008 – August 2009

Wildcat Lanes, WSU, Ogden, Utah

At the Wildcat Lanes, I was in charge of inventory management and daily sales reports, as well as bowling alley maintenance and customer service.


Volunteer missionary, June 2006 – May 2008

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Lansing, MichiganThe Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

As a volunteer missionary, I spent two years in Lansing, Michigan proselytizing full-time in English and Spanish, as well as doing community service.


  • Dean C. Edwards, President of the Michigan, Lansing Mission

Manager, December 2005 – June 2006

Bountiful Music, Bountiful, Utah

I was responsible for opening and closing the Layton branch of the store, inventory management, and daily sales reports, as well as customer service.


  • Johnny Barfuss, Owner

Electronics Specialist, June – August 2005

Deseret Industries, Layton, UtahDeseret Industries

I cleaned, tested, and assessed the retail value of used, donated electronics.

Customer Service Agent, June – August 2004

Focus Communications, Ogden, Utah

I worked for Qwest Telecommunications in their disconnect department, where I would talk to the customer, find out why they wanted to discontinue their service, and offer alternatives (ie. suspension of a number if the customer was going leaving the country for an extended period of time.)

Estate management, 1995 – Present

I have done drywall installation, electrical wiring, flooring, landscaping, plumbing, pool maintenance, and roofing.

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