Holding Out for a Hero

A behavioral retargeting client of MarketStar’s was expanding, which allowed me the opportunity to create the following for MarketStar’s recruiting department:

MStar_AdRoll Hero.physical

The text reads:

MarketStar and AdRoll need your help finding a hero!

This person should be

– passionate to drive sales to a new level

– interested in new technology

– highly energetic

– self-managed

– highly motivated

If you have seen this person, tell him/her to apply at http://bit.ly/adroll_isr

Earn an easy $250*

*Make sure they put your name down as the referral source!

Questions? Contact Jennifer Williams: (801) 786-5289

If they apply and get hired between June 18 and August 31, you’ll receive $250. Offer only available to current MarketStar employees. Offer only applied to jobs #110136 and #111043. New hires must remain with MarketStar for 30 days prior to bonus payout.

The flier was printed and distributed to everyone in our main office. A version without the QR code was emailed to everyone in the company and displayed on TV monitors throughout our offices.


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