Case Studies

As part of MarketStar’s corporate marketing team, I help support our demand generation efforts with case studies. The goal was to win new business with examples of past success through similar programs with similar (and in some cases competing) companies.

HP Joyride – Not only did we come up with the idea and logistics for a holiday caravan, we also hired a film crew to help produce videos like these along the way. Read more in the case study below.

For more information, download each case study from MarketStar’s website by clicking the links below:


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Video Production

Throughout 2014, I had become MarketStar’s go-to person for video production. I have written a dozen external and internal facing videos over the past year and a half. I often shoot and edit the videos myself, or use a vendor working under my direction when needed.

To view the videos, click here:

In October 2014, one video which I wrote, shot, and edited won Jive Software’s Workstyle Award at their annual conference.


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eBooks, Whitepapers, etc.

Stop Chasing Your Tail: A game-changing eBook with concepts for engaging the broad channel.

Recently, I helped overhaul MarketStar’s website. I created content detailing MarketStar’s solutions; the people, technology, and insights that are a part of those solutions; and downloadable support content which tells a more in-depth story.

You can download most of that content straight from MarketStar’s website by clicking below. Whether it was writing, editing, laying out, or often all three, I helped create all this content, and more.

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Graphic Design for a Local Band

In August of 2013, I was asked to develop some imagery for a local band’s social media as well as other, printed material.

The Beam Me Up Ska-T’s are a ska band from Ogden, Utah who love Star Trek and puns.

I created a few different versions of the following, using a font based on the 1960s television show. I also had the idea to blend Star Trek characters Spock and Uhura with Walt Jabsco and Betty (sometimes called Beat Girl), iconic images from the 1960s ska movement.

As evident by this and other content, I was asked to substitute the “A” in “Ska-T’s” with the arrowhead emblem from the show. I had reservations doing so, in part because I feel it reduces legibility and because I don’t want to be party to copyright infringement. CBS and Paramount – If you’re reading this, I’m sorry; I didn’t want to do it. But in the end the Ska-T’s were the client and I thought it was best to make it look good, rather than have someone else do a second rate job.

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Holding Out for a Hero

A behavioral retargeting client of MarketStar’s was expanding, which allowed me the opportunity to create the following for MarketStar’s recruiting department:

MStar_AdRoll Hero.physical

The text reads:

MarketStar and AdRoll need your help finding a hero!

This person should be

– passionate to drive sales to a new level

– interested in new technology

– highly energetic

– self-managed

– highly motivated

If you have seen this person, tell him/her to apply at

Earn an easy $250*

*Make sure they put your name down as the referral source!

Questions? Contact Jennifer Williams: (801) 786-5289

If they apply and get hired between June 18 and August 31, you’ll receive $250. Offer only available to current MarketStar employees. Offer only applied to jobs #110136 and #111043. New hires must remain with MarketStar for 30 days prior to bonus payout.

The flier was printed and distributed to everyone in our main office. A version without the QR code was emailed to everyone in the company and displayed on TV monitors throughout our offices.

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Remarketing Ads

A behavioral retargeting client of MarketStar’s allowed me the opportunity to create the following for MarketStar’s recruiting department:

MarketStar Recruiting/AdRoll Square

The text reads:

“You’re one click away from a career with the leader in sales & marketing. APPLY NOW

I created two other ads, one oriented horizontally and the other vertically, which can be seen here:

MarketStar Recruiting/AdRoll Long

MarketStar Recruiting/AdRoll Tall


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MarketStar’s 25th Anniversary Celebration


The company which would eventually be rebranded as MarketStar was founded in 1988. On Feb. 7, 2013, MarketStar celebrated its 25th Anniversary. I was able to be involved in the planning and execution of the event.

Because of my experience with (and passion for) music, I was assigned to be the liaison between MarketStar’s planning committee and the band which we hired to play the event, which we wrote as an awards show, like The Oscars or Grammy Awards.

I was also in charge of all aspects of the physical awards, which we dubbed the “Treadies,” in honor of our president and CEO, Dave Treadway.

I helped organize the run of show (and troubleshoot at the rehearsal the night before), choreograph and arrange music for a dance number done by four members of the executive team, write and edit scripts for the award presenters (although the scripted banter was mostly a guide), and edit content for other presentations. The event run-of-show and the presenters’ scripts follow.

25th Anniversary Gala – minute by minute

1. Script D&EJ

2. Script D&S

3. Script J&V

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