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the green gum goes greener

As part of a team of three, I wrote the copy for this ad to promote the William Wrigley Jr. Company’s “Sustainability In Action” campaign, as well as help edit the photo.

the green gum goes greener

The text is as follows:

Wrigley’s believes in advancing the well being of people and the planet, now and for future generations, by making sound environmental, social, and economic practices second nature in everything we do.

Today, more than ever, sustainability is one of our leading priorities and we have committed our people, our resources, and our innovative energy to advancing the well being of our associates and our neighbors around the world. We are committed to reduce our waste, carbon footprint, and water impact by at least 3 percent every year, regardless of business growth. We are committed to using sustainable materials and partnering with sustainable suppliers. We are committed to further educating and promoting responsible use and disposal of our products.

The following was originally intended to run at the bottom of the ad:

What are you committed to do? Join us at

Here is an alternate version of the ad, with a different tagline:

Chew beautiful. Chew green. Chew Wrigley.

Image layout by Cody Littlewood.

The Wrigley Company is a recognized leader in the confectionary industry and the world’s largest manufacturer of chewing gum. Founded in 1891, they sell their brands in more than 180 countries and operate 25 manufacturing sites in 15 countries. Three brands – Altoids®, Juicy Fruit®, and Wrigley’s Spearmint®  – stretch back more than a century.

Wrigley has its headquarters in Chicago, and operates as a subsidiary of Mars, Incorporated, a private, family owned company founded in 1911. Mars, Incorporated is one of the world’s largest food companies, generating global revenues of $30 billion annually.


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