MarketStar’s 25th Anniversary Celebration


The company which would eventually be rebranded as MarketStar was founded in 1988. On Feb. 7, 2013, MarketStar celebrated its 25th Anniversary. I was able to be involved in the planning and execution of the event.

Because of my experience with (and passion for) music, I was assigned to be the liaison between MarketStar’s planning committee and the band which we hired to play the event, which we wrote as an awards show, like The Oscars or Grammy Awards.

I was also in charge of all aspects of the physical awards, which we dubbed the “Treadies,” in honor of our president and CEO, Dave Treadway.

I helped organize the run of show (and troubleshoot at the rehearsal the night before), choreograph and arrange music for a dance number done by four members of the executive team, write and edit scripts for the award presenters (although the scripted banter was mostly a guide), and edit content for other presentations. The event run-of-show and the presenters’ scripts follow.

25th Anniversary Gala – minute by minute

1. Script D&EJ

2. Script D&S

3. Script J&V


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