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The Antics research and presentation

In autumn of 2011, as a part of a privately contracted team of three, I did research for The Antics and presented our findings in a meeting with one of the Co-Managers. What follows is 1) a pdf of our initial situational analysis, objectives, publics, messages, strategies and tactics, action plan and evaluation plan, and 2) the power point presentation, with the text re-written below each slide.

The Antics Comedy Improv Troupe

The Antics

Comedy Improv Troupe


Became independent from USU Improv July 2010

Perform every Friday

  • 10 pm
  • $5
  • Logan Arthouse and Cinema, 795 N Main

13 performers

2 co-managers

Average monthly attendance: 307


Other comedy improv troupes:

  • Out of the Blue Entertainment, Fire House Pizzeria, Friday nights at 9:30 pm
  • Logan Out Loud, Logan Arthouse and Cinema, Saturday nights at 9:30 pm

Other entertainment options:

  • Movies
  • Campus Activities
  • Sports

Current Business Goal:

Increase average weekly attendance to 100

SWOT Analysis – Strengths

  • “PG” improv comedy
  • Less expensive than other improv comedy acts
  • Employ more experienced improvisers
  • Consistent in their schedule of shows
  • Little competition in Cache Valley
  • Easy name recognition
  • Affiliated with USU improv
  • Wide diversity in their actors
  • More diverse games
  • Variety of discounts (punchcards, fliers, etc)

SWOT Analysis – Weaknesses

  • Late show
  • Lack of marketing
  • The Arthouse has limited parking
  • The Arthouse is out of the way
  • Lack of social media presence
  • Lack of awareness or understanding among target audiences

SWOT Analysis – Opportunities

Media relations with all local news outlets, especially the Herald Journal’s extra arts magazine

Marketing on campus

Targeting other markets besides college students

Team up with other businesses to create special offers

Social media campaigns

Stronger involvement with Utah State, through housing, Greeks, clubs

Community centers, i.e. retirement centers (no tretirement homes)

Flash mob


  • T-shirts
  • Stickers

SWOT Analysis – Threats

  • Logan Arthouse shutting down
  • Summers and holiday weekends
  • The Arthouse will not kick performers out who have shows before the Antics, even if they are going longer than scheduled

Communications Objectives – Informational

  • Increase awareness. This can be measured by polling. An increase of 50% would be considered effective.
  • Increase understanding of differences between improv and stand-up. This can be measured by surveying. An increase of 25% would be considered effective.

Communications Objectives – Attitudinal

  • Persuade Cache Valley residents 10:30 is not too late to go to an improv comedy show. This can be measured by surveying. An increase of 30% would be considered effective.

Communications Objectives – Behavioral

  • Increase retention of attendees. This can be measured by the amount of filled out punch cards returned. Currently, the weekly average is 2.5 turned in every week. Doubling that number by the end of April is an achievable goal.

Key Audiences

College students

High School students


  • Young marrieds
  • With children under 12
  • With teenage children
  • Elderly, with grandchildren

Burgeoning improv performers

Key Messages

“Improv: It’s more fun and less expensive than a movie”

A great and different date night

“Best bang for your buck”

“The funniest five dollars you’ll ever spend”

It’s not like watching stand-up: Improv is never the same thing twice

It’s not like watching stand-up: You can be part of the show in improv

  • Why watch late night TV, when you can be part of improv comedy?

Fill a punch-card: Come to six shows, you and a friend get in for free

It’s not too late! You’re still awake. Come have fun.

Get to know the improv craft at the professional level

It’s good clean fun

Action Plan

  • Aggie Radio
  • Ads on buses
  • Sidewalk Chalk
  • Electronic Media
  • Fliers
  • Posters
  • Newspaper stories and ads

Evaluation Plan

General Survey to establish a base line

  • survey after each academic semester to gauge success
  • survey can be handed out at shows
  • completed surveys can be traded in for candy at the door

Attendance and revenue will also be used


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