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Video Production

Throughout 2014, I had become MarketStar’s go-to person for video production. I have written a dozen external and internal facing videos over the past year and a half. I often shoot and edit the videos myself, or use a vendor working under my direction when needed.

To view the videos, click here:

In October 2014, one video which I wrote, shot, and edited won Jive Software’s Workstyle Award at their annual conference.



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nf9 Video PSA

00:00:00: Clip from The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

00:05:00: Continue clip, cut sound.

00:07:00: Voice over, “Imagine your favorite movie without music.”

00:10:00: Candid shots of peoples’ lives in big life moments (weddings, birthdays, bar mitzvahs). Music from client, melodic and simplistic.


00:30:00: Video of bride walking down the aisle, push in on bride’s face. Continue same music track. V/O, “Whether it’s your wedding,

00:35:00: Video of teenage girl’s birthday, wide shot. Continue music track. V/O, “your sweet sixteen,

00:40:00: Video of family playing at the beach, pan right to left following parents and children running along beach with kite. Continue music track. V/O, “or any moment in your movie,

00:45:00: Continue same music track and begin to crescendo. V/O, “music tells the story of our lives.” Candid shots continue, fading between family at an amusement park,

00:46:00: mid-20’s guy with dog at park,

00:47:00: teenage boys skateboarding,

00:48:00: 8-10 year old girls horseback riding,

00:49:00: and high school students dancing at a school dance.

00:50:00: Client’s example work of a wedding. Music continues. V/O, “It allows us to encapsulate the emotions of every moment of our lives.”

00:55:00: Music ends. Voice over, “Let Noisefloor9 help tell your story.” Fade out of wedding into slate:

The Wizard of Oz is property of Turner Entertainment Co. and Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

00:60:00: Cut to black.

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Noisefloor9 meets XXXXXXX

This business proposal did not close. Because of that, I have edited out any identifiers of the other company.

As part of a privately contracted team of three in the fall of 2010, I helped draft a presentation for a merger between nf9 and another company. What follows is the power point presentation, with the text re-written below each slide.

noisefloor9 meets XXXXXXX

Presentation team:

Kendra Fahnestock

Cody Littlewood

Paul Siddoway



Custom music

  • Enhance company story lines and messages

Original soundscapes

  • Music for family videos, original videos, or any occasion

Recording and producing

  • Professional quality recording for any musical group


Pre-production services

  • Script writing and conception
  • Location scouting
  • Actor and model casting


Production services

  • Studio and on-location video recording
  • Live event or on-demand presentations
  • Audio recording


Post-production services

  • Video editing
  • DVD authoring and mastering
  • Audio post-production and mixing

XXXXXXX produces high quality video and has a wide array of clients. noisefloor9 records and produces high quality original audio and masters it for produced video.

Our need

  • A video producing company to edit and produce out clients’ videos
  • More projects in which high quality, custom audio is needed
  • A larger client base
  • More publicity

The exchange

noisefloor9 will

  • Record and produce the audio for XXXXXXX’s video projects
  • Refer clients in need of video editing and production to XXXXXXX
  • List XXXXXXX as a partner on company webpage, social media, newsletter, advertisements and any other appropriate mediums

The exchange


  • Use noisefloor9 for all of their audio recording and production needs on every project
  • Refer clients who only need audio work to noisefloor9
  • List noisefloor9 as a partner on company webpage, social media, newsletter, advertisements and any other appropriate mediums

The loss

  • The companies will split the commission from the project 50-50 that both are contracted on.

noisefloor9 can benefit XXXXXXX by

  • Higher quality audio product
  • Custom audio
  • High turnover rate
  • Double clientele
  • Free publicity
  • Freeing up time for XXXXXXX to produce more videos

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Noisefloor9 & XXXXXXX Video Production Proposal

This business proposition did not close. Because of that, I have edited out any identifiers of the other company.

We are proposing an exchange of services with award-winning XXXXXXX Production Company in XXXXXXXXX. Because of your company’s outstanding excellence and proficiency in your field we are offering you the opportunity to work hand in hand with Noisefloor9 Studios.

We both maintain our own separate areas of expertise in an interfacing field. Noisefloor9 Studios can compose and produce music for visual tracks much more professionally and quickly than XXXXXXX Productions through our top-shelf equipment including a recording room which can fit up to 16 people and their instruments. We are able to accommodate 16 signal inputs at one time, and track up to approximately 72 tracks. Noisefloor9 has a unique opportunity for clients, as we will compose music specifically for the project. Benefiting the product by increasing the emotion felt by the audience.

XXXXXXX Productions is able to produce a high quality video more efficiently than Noisefloor9 through the latest cameras and technology. Along with a studio designed for videos with green-screen, production shots or full set capabilities. You are able to create a script, visit location, and recruit local talent better than Noisefloor9. Your video production is very effective and cost efficient.

Both companies would greatly benefit from utilizing our separate expertise in a partnership.

Initially it may seem we will be giving up 50% of our total revenue, but in all reality because of both companies ability to produce a higher quality of work in our separate fields of expertise more efficiently, the result will be a higher quality product for the client and higher turnover rate.

Both companies also have different target audiences. A partnership would initially double our client bases; provide free publicity and new clients driving sales and revenue.  Both companies will help each other by announcing the partnership in our respective newsletters, social media pages, web pages, advertisements and any other appropriate mediums. Both companies will place the other’s logo on these aforementioned mediums.

Noisefloor9 has three main target audiences. We target businesses for producing their company jingle, training videos, advertisements and promotional buzz videos.  Families are also a big audience for the company for producing videos and music for weddings, birthdays, bar mitzvahs and other memorable moments. The final audience targeted is musicians. Producing their musical vision in a professional quality with creative insights is one of our largest sources of revenue.

Creating a partnership with Noisefloor9 will bring XXXXXXX Productions business from the west coast and clientage from the east coast to Noisefloor9 studios, creating a whole new location of thriving client base.

Our exchange will initially double each company’s client base, provide better quality product, and create a higher turnover rate; driving total revenue and clientage to increase.

Noisefloor9 is asking for the partnership of XXXXXXX Productions. There will be a detailed invoice at the start of every sale showing the value of audio and video for the particular project. We will exclusively send suggest all of our clients to XXXXXXX with anticipation you will do the same for Noisefloor9. As the process begins XXXXXXX will produce a video and distribute the end project while Noisefloor9 composes a matchless audio track.

Executive Summary:

Noisefloor9 is proposing an exchange of services with award-winning video production company XXXXXXX. Because of your company’s outstanding excellence and proficiency in your field we are offering you the opportunity to work hand in hand with Noisefloor9 Studios.

Noisefloor9 and XXXXXXX are experts in a merging field who can greatly benefit from one another expertise in our own specialized areas.

Noisefloor9 offers self composed music specifically designed for each individual project. This creates a unique sound for every client. Meeting with every client individually Noisefloor9 acquires an idea of his or her own personal likes and ending goals. This allows us to enhance emotion and feeling in videos celebrating special moments in one’s life. This can enhance business messages by designing a unique sound with the ultimate of catching the attention of your target audience better.

Our studio room is able to hold up to 16 people and their instruments to produce professionally sounding quality music. We are able to accommodate 16 signal inputs at one time, and track up to approximately 72 tracks with our top-shelf equipment.

XXXXXXX offers the highest quality by using the latest cameras and technology to produce a video in full high-definition. You have the ability to write scripts, have a large selection of talent for the client to choose from, and accommodate to on-site challenges such as lighting. You have the capability of distributing by streaming on the web or producing a final DVD or CD.

Steven Spielberg said music is 50% of the impact of a film. Noisefloor9 wants to help bring this impact along with quality to XXXXXXX Productions.

At Noisefloor9 we are offering an exchange of audio with XXXXXXX’s video production. Together we will be able to focus on our individual specialties to create a higher quality product at a more efficient rate, leading to a higher turnover rate, ultimately creating more time to help more clients.

As it seems each company will be losing 50% of their total revenue we will be able to initially double clientage by exchanging services. As we will both receive free publicity through the advertisements of one another’s companies. We will advertise for XXXXXXX on our webpage, social media pages, advertisements, newsletters and any other appropriate mediums. Along with suggesting all of our clients to XXXXXXX, with the expectations XXXXXXX will do the same for Noisefloor9.

We are anticipating joining partnership with XXXXXXX by the end of the year, to proudly announce our partnership with you in our January newsletter.

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PSA Treatment

As a team we strive to take noisefloor9 from a local music producing company to a global service accessible to anyone from producers, directors, musicians or the average American family.

We will be using both radio and video advertisements to get the word out. We will be releasing the video advertisement on major television networks, iTunes, Websites of music related companies, and open source video hosting sites (YouTube, Hulu, Vimeo, VH1, and MTV.) We will also be conducting a targeted pay-per-click campaign through major search engines to promote the video with key words such as recording studio, music production, wedding video, birthday video, and video production.

Cory Whittier has agreed to do the voiceover for the project. He can do celebrity impersonations, and a recognizable voice will help catch the audience through familiarity. He has expressed doing the work pro bono.

In our television ad we will be showing a clip from a popular movie The Wizard of Oz that people will be familiar with. Our purpose for using the “Over the Rainbow” clip from Wizard of Oz is to connect the emotion people feel during with weddings, birthdays, and other special moments in their lives. Our goal is to get potential customers to want their video to induce that same emotion by creating their own personal story with professional produced, customized music.

We will then cut out the sound throwing the audience off, and helping realize how much music affects the overall feel of the video production. The V/O will bring this to this to the audience’s attention. Next we will show moments from peoples’ lives with background music composed by our client noisefloor9.

Our radio ad we will be giving a very brief overview of who the company is and what they are about. We will show work by the client by having nf9 compose the background music. Our goal with radio ad is to get noisefloor9 recognized to the public, tell people what they are about, and how they can get more information about them.

Our budget is minimal because Mr. Whittier has agreed to do his V/O for free. The Wizard of Oz was released in 1939, distinguishing it as public domain. We will recycle all the candid images from the client’s library database of images.

We appreciate your consideration of this project. We sincerely hope to continue our work together.

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