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Holding Out for a Hero

A behavioral retargeting client of MarketStar’s was expanding, which allowed me the opportunity to create the following for MarketStar’s recruiting department:

MStar_AdRoll Hero.physical

The text reads:

MarketStar and AdRoll need your help finding a hero!

This person should be

– passionate to drive sales to a new level

– interested in new technology

– highly energetic

– self-managed

– highly motivated

If you have seen this person, tell him/her to apply at

Earn an easy $250*

*Make sure they put your name down as the referral source!

Questions? Contact Jennifer Williams: (801) 786-5289

If they apply and get hired between June 18 and August 31, you’ll receive $250. Offer only available to current MarketStar employees. Offer only applied to jobs #110136 and #111043. New hires must remain with MarketStar for 30 days prior to bonus payout.

The flier was printed and distributed to everyone in our main office. A version without the QR code was emailed to everyone in the company and displayed on TV monitors throughout our offices.


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Remarketing Ads

A behavioral retargeting client of MarketStar’s allowed me the opportunity to create the following for MarketStar’s recruiting department:

MarketStar Recruiting/AdRoll Square

The text reads:

“You’re one click away from a career with the leader in sales & marketing. APPLY NOW

I created two other ads, one oriented horizontally and the other vertically, which can be seen here:

MarketStar Recruiting/AdRoll Long

MarketStar Recruiting/AdRoll Tall


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After having concerns for a position, MarketStar’s recruiting department and the client decided to have me make a poster to post in the client’s local call-center, encouraging employees to refer their friends, family, etc.

I designed the following:


MarketStar is looking for a full-time Retail Sales Rep.

  • Drives & closes sales
  • Manages & tracks merch., premiums & collateral
  • Maintains knowledge of tech., products & services

$12/hour + uncapped commission


contact Melanie at

The position was filled two days later by someone referred by an employee.

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Recruiting Brochure

At the end of the summer of 2012, MarketStar’s recruiting department ran out of brochures to hand out at career fairs. I was tasked with developing a replacement product. With the help of two graphic designers in MarketStar’s marketing department, I produced the following: Recruiting Brochure

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Information Flier

For a career fair in Boston, the organizer of the event asked each employer to submit a flier with general company information to be included in a packet the organizer was providing each registered attendee. I created this informational flier:


People & Knowledge Accelerating Sales

MarketStar is an outsourced sales and marketing firm. Founded in 1988, we have more than 2,500 employees in more than 20 different countries around the world.

MarketStar is committed to promoting a positive and productive work culture which attracts top business professionals. Each day, MarketStar’s team manages more than 80,000 commercial accounts, visits more than 1,250 retail stores, interacts with more than 8,000 customers via phone and satisfies our clients’ global needs across six continents. Our sales methods ensure out employees continue a legacy of delivering results on behalf of clients like Verizon for decades to come. In addition to our benefits package, each employee is presented with a predictable career path and the tools necessary to succeed in his or her role.

We recognize our employees are our most valuable asset. To help protect and grow our employee community, we offer a variety of career paths, competitive salaries and benefits. Our comprehensive package of benefits for full-time employees includes multiple medical plans to fit each employee’s needs and circumstances, two dental plan options, comprehensive vision coverage, paid holidays and “floating holidays,” paid personal time off, an employee stock purchase program, 401K matching and more.



(800) 877-8259



t @MarketStarJobs


Because the attending hiring manager representing MarketStar worked specifically with Verizon Communications Inc., we only mentioned that client by name.

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The difficulties of quantifying abstract skills

This article was originally posted Nov. 7, 2011 by the Huntsman School Blog.

When I was in high school, my mother, as a joke, gave me a t-shirt that said, “My mommy says I’m special.” I don’t often wear it in public.

I would wear a shirt that says, “My boss thinks I’m exceptional.” Or “outstanding.” Or “dependable,” “smart” and “talented.”

I would even consider wearing it to an interview. Especially if my boss signed it.

Okay, maybe not.

It seems like getting a job is just one struggle after another. Finding openings is hard enough. Standing out in relation to the crowd and actually getting an interview seems impossible at times.

Jeff Haden, a blogger for BNET, part of CBS’s interactive business network, came up with some suggestions on things businesses are looking for. Essentially, Haden says uniqueness, social smarts, adaptability, inquisitiveness, focus, the urge to tinker with the status quo, a desire to prove they (the employee) are right, public praise of others, and complaining only in private are some of the qualities businesses are looking for.

That’s great. My question is, “How do I show potential employers that I’m focused?” Or, “How do I show in my résumé that I have social skills?”

Any suggestions?


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