New LinkedIn Tool

Endorse with a Click

This article was originally posted Oct. 16, 2012 by MarketStar’s Careers Blog.

A week ago, I logged on to LinkedIn and noticed something I had not before.

For as long as I have actually been using LinkedIn, I have been able to add skills and expertise. Now I can go to my connections’ skills and with one click endorse them; with one click I can say “Yes, this person is an expert social networker, blogger, copywriter, recruiter, dragon slayer, or whatever.”

This new tool simplifies LinkedIn’s tools to connect and network with professionals. Besides writing a recommendation, you can endorse with a simple click.

As it turns out, there was a good reason I had not noticed it before. It is new. You can find out more by visiting LinkedIn’s blog.

Here is why I brought it up: I asked one of our recruiters if LinkedIn’s recommendations (and now endorsements) are something recruiters look at and if job seekers should seek them.

Andria M. uses LinkedIn when looking for potential candidates. The more a profile is completed, the easier she can help the hiring manager agree to meet with a candidate.

“Job seekers need to develop their LinkedIn profile as much as possible, which includes recommendations and endorsements” she said. “Add contacts, job descriptions and recommendations. Make sure your profile picture helps you look professional.”

She said she does look at a candidate’s recommendations and is interested to see how much the endorsement tool gets used.

So how do you get endorsements and recommendations?

One approach is to ask. Because the endorsement tool is so new, even just asking your connections if they have heard of it or what they know about it might be enough for them to try it out and endorse you.

Another idea is to endorse your connections. I discovered this new tool because one of my connections endorsed me. Since I did not know anything about it, I read up on it and tried it out. I started by endorsing him back. Then LinkedIn offered suggestions of other people I could endorse, which I did.

What about you? Why do you endorse or write recommendations for colleagues? How do you get them in return?


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