Good and Better Email Practices for Job Seekers

This article was originally posted Sept. 11, 2012 by MarketStar’s Careers Blog.

We all know there is more than one way to show up for an interview, and some are better than others. The same is true for submitting a resume and subsequently following up in order to get an interview.

There are four kinds of people who look at our website: clients, potential clients, employees, and potential employees. Because each group has varying goals and seeks different information, our website provides contact information for many MarketStar departments.

Anyone can show up for a job interview wearing clean clothes; it would be better if they showed up looking like a business professional. Anyone can email a company’s general information email account; it would be better for job seekers to email

When submitting a resume to a company like MarketStar, it is common to feel insecure about your application and feel it might just get lost in the mix. This was certainly true when resumes were submitted on paper. One advantage of the digital application process is recruiters and hiring managers are notified of each new application when they log on to the system.

Some candidates, trying to assure themselves their application has been seen, may choose to email it to anyone whose information they can find on a company’s website. The danger is most executives’ inboxes get cluttered up with hundreds of email every day, so a candidate’s email may not ever be seen. Even if an email is seen, it still may not make it to the right person, since most executives listed on a company’s website are not involved in the recruiting process. Besides, there are much better ways to make a first impression.

If you want to rise above the volume of applicants, you could email your resume to a friend who works in the company and ask them to give you a personal endorsement. It is in their best interest to do so, because if an employee makes a recommendation to the recruiting department, they can earn a $50 dollar bonus after their friend gets hired. If you know a MarketStar employee and want to request an endorsement, remember to email them some specifics, like what position you have applied for and the name of the recruiter you are working with.

The best way to reach a decision maker is to ask the recruiter or hiring manager you are working with about the best person for you to contact. It might not be them, but they know who is in charge of any given position. If you do not have a relationship with a recruiter or hiring manager, send an email to to reach the recruiting department directly. When a candidate’s information comes with the endorsement of a recruiter, the candidate is accepted as a potential addition to our employee base.


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