Too Soon?

This article was originally posted Aug. 14, 2012 by MarketStar’s Careers Blog.

In today’s economy, looking for jobs can be tough. And getting an interview can be even tougher. After submitting what feels like countless resumes, applicants sometimes want to know if a company received their resume and if they have looked it over. After an interview, candidates may want to know how long they will have to wait until a decision is made.

Greg, one of our recruiters, said for best results, candidates should wait three to four days before following up, “unless you have been directed that time frames will be longer or shorter.”

“This is a good question to ask if you are the candidate,” he said. “Feel free to ask when to expect an offer or decision will be made. Then you will have a better time frame to follow.”

Another question to ask is how the recruiter would prefer a follow-up. (FYI, Greg prefers emails)

Following up can be tricky. You do not want to follow-up too soon and seem desperate, but you do want the recruiter to know you are seriously interested.

“Following up once a week is plenty,” Greg said. “Make your follow-up communication within reason; short and to the point.”

He said there are always reasons candidates might not hear back about their resumes. Often, it is because a candidate has submitted an application when the process is nearly complete. He said if you wonder if it is too late to apply, you can always ask. And it never hurts to submit a resume.

Another reason an applicant might not hear back is they are still being considered for a different position than the one they applied for. At MarketStar, no matter when you applied, we keep your records on file and if another position becomes available for which you may qualify, we often look at previous candidates to see if they would be a good fit. Greg said it depends on how many others have shown the initiative to apply.

“If candidates see an opening they would like to be considered for, they are much better off applying.”

What are some ways you follow-up? Which ways seem to get the best response?



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