Your Objective, Should You Choose to Delete it

This article was originally posted Aug. 6, 2012 by MarketStar’s Careers Blog.

No matter who you are, what job you are seeking or which company you are pursuing, submitting a resume is required to get there.

When you boil it down, resumes are an advertisement for a brand: you.

By submitting a resume, you are offering your services to someone else and providing them with a list of reasons why choosing you is the best decision. Maximize your available space by leaving off the objective, that sentence below your contact information explaining why you submitted your resume.

The world, the economy and the way we communicate have all changed since the objective first appeared on resumes. Most modern companies have candidates fill out applications online; it helps those making hiring decisions be more fair in their initial screenings. At MarketStar, we ask everyone to submit an application and resume for each position to which they apply. On each application, you can upload a file from your computer or you can paste your resume directly into the application. This allows you to customize your resume each time you apply for a different position.

Because we provide you with a list of positions and you submit your resume for each position, you now have that much more room to convince us you are the best candidate for that position.

Sandra, one of our recruiters, said if you want to highlight a certain set of skills, there are better ways to let recruiters know.

“If you have a special skill you want a recruiter to know about, like proficiency in multiple languages, you could still put it at the top of your resume. A better place would be in a cover letter or a follow-up email, if it didn’t come up in the first interview.”

Are there other parts of your resume you feel are unnecessary? Are there things you add to your resume other than education and work experience?


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