Multi-media Resumes

This article was originally posted Aug. 6, 2012 by MarketStar’s Careers Blog.

When compiling a resume, should you include multi-media?

Most job seekers are most comfortable putting together a word document resume, which is what most recruiters expect.

With the rise of the internet, candidates have been finding new ways to get noticed. Are QR codes and video resumes making paper resumes obsolete?

Three of our recruiters, Sandra, Lisa and Jenn, say no.

Jenn said for the initial screening, it is easier to look at candidates’ information written out.

“It might be nice to see, in addition to their written resume,” she said. “I would look at it, but first I need a quick way to see their basic information.”

After candidates apply for a position with MarketStar, the recruiters in our Human Resources department filter through applicants and forward qualified candidates to a project manager in charge of hiring. Sandra said submitting a video resume is not required in the initial stages, but having one prepared might not be a bad idea.

“I know some of my hiring managers will not make an offer until they meet the applicant in person,” Sandra said. “Some of them have said they would like to make an offer after a phone interview, but they want to see them face to face. It would be a benefit for candidates to have a way for those managers to get to know them, even if they don’t submit it with their initial resume.”

She said even if there is no way for a candidate to upload a video resume at first, it never hurts to ask the recruiter if the manager would like to see one.

Lisa said the same thing applies to pictures with resumes, and added there are other reasons why managers might want to see a video resume.

“Some managers might want to see the candidate in a non-interview setting just to see if they act and dress professionally enough,” she said.

And QR codes? They say not all recruiters or hiring managers know what to do with them. Even if they do, there is no guarantee they will take a look at any extra material you might have online somewhere. If you do add on a QR code, make sure you put all the essentials on your resume and assume whoever is looking at your resume will not look at your other information.

Have you ever submitted a video resume or a resume with a QR code? What kind of results have you seen?


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