Go big or stay home

This article was originally posted Jan. 24, 2012 by the Huntsman School Blog.

I recently finished my undergraduate studies and am on the hunt for what my boss calls “a big boy job.”

I found a blog from a year and a half ago that gives some good job seeking advice. One thing that threw me off was the advice to be professional and classy.

Not that it was unexpected, but I was especially struck by how specific and all-encompassing their advice was. They said to “carry yourself with a sense of class and professionalism all the time, not just in an interview.” You never know who you are going to meet waiting in line or at your favorite local café.

And I know people who have gotten jobs from conversations they started on airplanes or waiting in line at the movies. That is bold networking.

Another tip this same blog had was physically visiting the office of a company at which you have applied. You are following up, which is good. You are showing that you are proactive, which is good. And you are initiating a conversation and putting a face (and a personality) to a name, which is good.

Nobody is going to hand you a job on a silver platter, and just looking on job boards probably is not going to cut it in today’s business world. You really have to leave your couch and dare mighty things.


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