Scholarship Supports Students Who Stay for a Graduate Degree

This article was originally published in the Spring 2012 edition of the Huntsman Alumni Magazine.

Some teachers get so attached to their students that they hate to see them leave. Frank Shuman is appar­ently one of those teachers.

He has helped set up the Frank and Anita Shuman Scholarship, an endowment aimed at help­ing those who earned an undergraduate degree at the Huntsman School of Business earn a graduate degree from the school as well.

Frank Shuman, a principal lecturer in the school of accountancy, formalized the schol­arship in January 2010 and over the next year and a half raised more than $25,000. He said alumni he taught over his 20 years at the Huntsman School donated $10,000, and he matched that amount. He said con­necting with those who donated was very rewarding.

“I remembered something about every student who donated to the fund,” Frank said. “It brought back a lot of memories.”

He said he wanted to establish the endowment because he received his bachelor’s and master’s de­grees in accounting from the Huntsman School and wanted to help other students who desired to do the same.

Frank said he will continue to add to the fund and said anyone else interested may donate to the scholarship online.


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