Press Release: RAINN Day: Washing Away Rape

Because of the public nature of the internet, I have edited out some potentially sensitive information. As a follow-up to this release, The Utah Statesman ran a front-page, above-the-fold article about the event on Sept. 23, 2011.

Utah State University’s Sexual Assault and Anti Violence Information (SAAVI) office hired TrueBlue Communication to help plan and promote their annual RAINN Day, an observance of all survivors of interpersonal violence, to help increase visibility and recognition of SAAVI and the services the offer.

For Immediate Release:

Date: Sept. 19, 2011

Contact: Monica Bailey, SAAVI director

Address: USU Student Health & Wellness Center, 850 E. 1200 N., Logan, UT 84321

Phone: 435-797-1510


RAINN Day: Washing Away Rape

USU Service Seeks to Educate and Comfort Students

LOGAN, Utah – The weather report says 80 degrees and sunny for September 22, which is why you may be confused as you walk around campus and see posters for RAINN Day. Utah State University’s Sexual Assault and Anti Violence Information (SAAVI) office will hold their annual RAINN (Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network) Day, an observance of all survivors of interpersonal violence, this Thursday.

On RAINN Day, a USU student will be sharing her story about her experience with domestic violence and rape at 10:15 and 1:15 on the TSC Patio. All students are invited to listen to the monologues. SAAVI will also have a booth where students can trace their hands on a poster and take a stand against interpersonal violence.

SAAVI Director Monica Bailey says she wants students to not only recognize SAAVI and what it stands for, but also feel comfortable to come and talk with her. SAAVI is completely confidential and gives students a safe place to talk about their choices, options and rights.

Along with the activities for the day, SAAVI will display statistics for dating violence, date rape, stalking, alcohol violence and other domestic violence on small umbrellas throughout the day around their booth. Each umbrella represents a sexual assault, which happens every two minutes. As they accumulate throughout the day, Bailey hopes it will send a message about the seriousness these occurrences. She hopes to inspire men and women to be better relationship partners, as well as become effective bystanders for those in unhealthy relationships.

The SAAVI office is in the Student Health & Wellness Center on 850 E. and 1200 N., just north of Romney Stadium. The SAAVI office provides support to anyone at Utah State University who is a survivor of interpersonal violence. SAAVI also has a 24-hour anonymous hotline. If you know of anyone who is in a dangerous or hurtful relationship please contact SAAVI.

For more information on RAINN Day and SAAVI, please contact Maddy Xxxx at



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