Huntsman School sponsors its own international bowl competition

This article was originally posted May 2011 by The Huntsman Post.

By Paul Lewis Siddoway

(From left to right) Alyssa Kohler, Erik Gardner, Michael Meryhew and Taylor Harris compete during Go Global Week.

For those wondering what in the world the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business has been up to, they got some answers this semester.

The school hosted a “Go Global Week” aimed at letting students know what kind of international opportunities are available to them.

The week featured a Go Global Quiz Bowl that pitted four teams of four students each against each other in the International Lounge of the Taggart Student Center, where they answered questions aimed at testing their global knowledge. The four teams were selected from 14 teams that took written exams at the end of March hoping to make the final four.

Liz Allred, director for global enrichment, and Vijay Kannan, director of international programs, drafted the questions.

“The purpose is to test the students’ global knowledge, because business does not happen in a vacuum,” Ms. Allred said. “In the international business world, you have to make an effort to show companies from other countries and cultures you know who they are. The minute they know that, they open up and are ready to do business with you.”

The Huntsman School of Business emphasizes the importance of understanding the global marketplace by promoting international academic experiences and other opportunities such as its Small Enterprise Education and Development program or SEED.

To aid in inter-disciplinary cooperation, the teams were allowed one member who was not from the Huntsman School. Ms. Allred emphasized the importance of a broad, liberal education and of networking.

“Other professions bring a lot to the table,” Ms. Allred said. “Hard-core technical skills are essential, but soft skills like networking are the icing on the cake.”

The winning team, the “League of Shadows,” included Caleb Gorringe, Landon Pope, Matt Westerberg and Milo Williams.

“Each member of the winning team received a $500 scholarship that was donated from an anonymous international company interested in investing in the next generation of international business leaders,” Ms. Allred said.

Mr. Pope commented on how preparing for the event only fueled him to continue to learn.

“It was really motivating to learn more,” Mr. Pope said. “We thought we knew some things, and each of us knew different things; but we realized there’s so much more to learn. We’re going to do it again next year.”


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