American West Heritage Center

Because of the public nature of the internet, I have edited out some potentially sensitive information.

As part of TrueBlue Communications, on a team of five in the spring of 2011, I did industry and stakeholder analysis for the American West Heritage Center. I was also part of a separate team of five who presented the findings of the research, along with the resulting recommendations, to the board of directors for the Center. What follows is 1) a .pdf of our analysis and 2) the power point presentation, with the text re-written below each slide.

Industry and Stakeholder Analysis


American West Heritage Center

Experience it!


Methodology Summary

  • Internal PR Audit
  • Industry and Stakeholder Analysis
  • Focus Group
  • Surveys
  • Data Analysis


Recommendation 1:

Define Target Market

Target market for individual events

Demographics: age, family situation, location

  • Focus on current customers

Cater to target market’s needs

  • Communication
  • Events
  • Pricing


Recommendation 2:

Internal Communication

  • Identifying roles
  • Money for focus group
  • Delegate
  • Crisis management plan
  • Utilize resources


Recommendation 3:

Discounts and Package Deals

Lower prices

  • Decrease adult ticket pricing
  • Most people are willing to pay between $2 – 6

Package deals

  • Group discounts (10+ people, get $1 off/person)
  • Offer discounts in Big Blue Coupon Book or Valpacks (limited to college students and Valpack recipients)
  • Family discounts


Recommendation 4:

Date of Baby Animal Days & Crisis Management

Move Baby Animal days to a later date in April

  • Decrease the chances of conflict with unpredictable/winter weather

Extend Baby Animal Days to two weekends in a row

  • Increase attendance from word of mouth
  • decrease the traffic flow and shorten lines

Plan for inclement weather

  • mitigate muddy paths using wood chips
  • stroller wash off station
  • alternate staging plan: inside/outside


Recommendation 5:

Utilize Free Advertising Techniques

  • USU calendar
  • ASUSU partnership
  • Facebook page
  • Coupon organizations


Recommendation 6:

Crowd Control

Responses to the question: What were the negatives about Baby Animal Days?

  • Weather
  • Lines
  • Mud
  • No Response
  • Other


Recommendation 7:

Date Night

The main reasons why people visit the AWHC

  • Other
  • Friends
  • Family Time
  • Date Night
  • Baby Animal Days

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