PSA Treatment

As a team we strive to take noisefloor9 from a local music producing company to a global service accessible to anyone from producers, directors, musicians or the average American family.

We will be using both radio and video advertisements to get the word out. We will be releasing the video advertisement on major television networks, iTunes, Websites of music related companies, and open source video hosting sites (YouTube, Hulu, Vimeo, VH1, and MTV.) We will also be conducting a targeted pay-per-click campaign through major search engines to promote the video with key words such as recording studio, music production, wedding video, birthday video, and video production.

Cory Whittier has agreed to do the voiceover for the project. He can do celebrity impersonations, and a recognizable voice will help catch the audience through familiarity. He has expressed doing the work pro bono.

In our television ad we will be showing a clip from a popular movie The Wizard of Oz that people will be familiar with. Our purpose for using the “Over the Rainbow” clip from Wizard of Oz is to connect the emotion people feel during with weddings, birthdays, and other special moments in their lives. Our goal is to get potential customers to want their video to induce that same emotion by creating their own personal story with professional produced, customized music.

We will then cut out the sound throwing the audience off, and helping realize how much music affects the overall feel of the video production. The V/O will bring this to this to the audience’s attention. Next we will show moments from peoples’ lives with background music composed by our client noisefloor9.

Our radio ad we will be giving a very brief overview of who the company is and what they are about. We will show work by the client by having nf9 compose the background music. Our goal with radio ad is to get noisefloor9 recognized to the public, tell people what they are about, and how they can get more information about them.

Our budget is minimal because Mr. Whittier has agreed to do his V/O for free. The Wizard of Oz was released in 1939, distinguishing it as public domain. We will recycle all the candid images from the client’s library database of images.

We appreciate your consideration of this project. We sincerely hope to continue our work together.


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