Noisefloor9 meets XXXXXXX

This business proposal did not close. Because of that, I have edited out any identifiers of the other company.

As part of a privately contracted team of three in the fall of 2010, I helped draft a presentation for a merger between nf9 and another company. What follows is the power point presentation, with the text re-written below each slide.

noisefloor9 meets XXXXXXX

Presentation team:

Kendra Fahnestock

Cody Littlewood

Paul Siddoway



Custom music

  • Enhance company story lines and messages

Original soundscapes

  • Music for family videos, original videos, or any occasion

Recording and producing

  • Professional quality recording for any musical group


Pre-production services

  • Script writing and conception
  • Location scouting
  • Actor and model casting


Production services

  • Studio and on-location video recording
  • Live event or on-demand presentations
  • Audio recording


Post-production services

  • Video editing
  • DVD authoring and mastering
  • Audio post-production and mixing

XXXXXXX produces high quality video and has a wide array of clients. noisefloor9 records and produces high quality original audio and masters it for produced video.

Our need

  • A video producing company to edit and produce out clients’ videos
  • More projects in which high quality, custom audio is needed
  • A larger client base
  • More publicity

The exchange

noisefloor9 will

  • Record and produce the audio for XXXXXXX’s video projects
  • Refer clients in need of video editing and production to XXXXXXX
  • List XXXXXXX as a partner on company webpage, social media, newsletter, advertisements and any other appropriate mediums

The exchange


  • Use noisefloor9 for all of their audio recording and production needs on every project
  • Refer clients who only need audio work to noisefloor9
  • List noisefloor9 as a partner on company webpage, social media, newsletter, advertisements and any other appropriate mediums

The loss

  • The companies will split the commission from the project 50-50 that both are contracted on.

noisefloor9 can benefit XXXXXXX by

  • Higher quality audio product
  • Custom audio
  • High turnover rate
  • Double clientele
  • Free publicity
  • Freeing up time for XXXXXXX to produce more videos

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