nf9 Video PSA

00:00:00: Clip from The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

00:05:00: Continue clip, cut sound.

00:07:00: Voice over, “Imagine your favorite movie without music.”

00:10:00: Candid shots of peoples’ lives in big life moments (weddings, birthdays, bar mitzvahs). Music from client, melodic and simplistic.


00:30:00: Video of bride walking down the aisle, push in on bride’s face. Continue same music track. V/O, “Whether it’s your wedding,

00:35:00: Video of teenage girl’s birthday, wide shot. Continue music track. V/O, “your sweet sixteen,

00:40:00: Video of family playing at the beach, pan right to left following parents and children running along beach with kite. Continue music track. V/O, “or any moment in your movie,

00:45:00: Continue same music track and begin to crescendo. V/O, “music tells the story of our lives.” Candid shots continue, fading between family at an amusement park,

00:46:00: mid-20’s guy with dog at park,

00:47:00: teenage boys skateboarding,

00:48:00: 8-10 year old girls horseback riding,

00:49:00: and high school students dancing at a school dance.

00:50:00: Client’s example work of a wedding. Music continues. V/O, “It allows us to encapsulate the emotions of every moment of our lives.”

00:55:00: Music ends. Voice over, “Let Noisefloor9 help tell your story.” Fade out of wedding into slate:

The Wizard of Oz is property of Turner Entertainment Co. and Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

00:60:00: Cut to black.


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