nf9 Newsletter

Because of the public nature of the internet, I have edited out some potentially sensitive information. This newsletter was drafted before a business proposition had closed, so it does contain information that is no longer pertinent.

As part of a privately contracted team of three in the fall of 2010, I drafted a newsletter for noisefloor9. We sent this description of the newsletter to the company:

Noisefloor9’s newsletter will generally be one 8.5” by 11” page, printed on recycled paper. The last month of the quarter, it will have a full-length article on a featured client. It will then be two pages. It has a budget of $1,000 per issue and $1,500 per special quarterly issue. It will sent out the first Tuesday of each month. It is aimed at keeping noisefloor9’s customer’s informed about 3 main things:

  • Who else is involved with noisefloor9, be it artists or other companies.
  • What equipment noisefloor9 is using, why, and how it will be a benefit to the customers.
  • When and where noisefloor9 will be out and about, involved in on-location music production. The website will have a calendar as well, with links to the individual events.

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