Press Release: New Recording Studio Helps Companies Advertise Through Music

Because of the public nature of the internet, I have edited out some potentially sensitive information.

For Immediate Release:

Date: October 21, 2010

Contact: Randy Graves, Noisefloor9 owner

Address: ### X. XXXXX XXXXXX, Mapleton, UT 84664

Phone: ###-###-####


New Recording Studio Helps Companies Advertise Through Music

Noisefloor9 focuses on businesses’ core messages in creating soundtrack

MAPLETON, Utah – Noisefloor9 uses professional training and equipment to compose and produce quality music geared towards a business’s specific needs, ranging from radio jingles to full-length film soundtracks. Nf9 creates custom music, specifically designed for their clients’ videos, matching the emotion and flow of the video. Nf9 believes that a business’s video will we better served by using music which has been produced specifically for that video by a professional who understands their clients’ tastes, goals, and overall message.

Owner Randy Graves said, “Noisefloor9 is a music and production studio that does all kinds of music, believing that well written music contains power. We’d like to find it, harness it, and use it in your story. Teamed with Noisefloor9, your message will have more impact.”

Nf9 presents professional experience in a range of musical styles and with a variety of equipment. Nf9 also offers recording space and in-studio advice to artists and bands.

Michael Hylton, a music teacher from Cache Valley, said, “I have worked with Randy recording and it was great to have him take the time to really make sure we had everything sounding just right. He was able to come up with great ideas and strategies to get my drum kit sounding just like I wanted it too.”

Nf9 has composed and produced music for commercials and film soundtracks, as well as recorded albums for multiple music groups. Graves has been involved in music composition and production since 1991.

Contact info: Paul Siddoway, PR coordinator



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