Paradise fire department wins $10K grant

This article was originally posted Feb. 4, 2010 by the Hard News Café.

By Paul Lewis Siddoway

PARADISE–The town fire department received a $10,000 grant to use for outfitting its new fire engine, volunteer Fire Chief Troy Fredrickson reported at Wednesday’s Town Council meeting.

“I’m trying to get these things purchased as quick as we can,” Fredrickson said. “It’ll take two or three weeks, so don’t keel over when you see the invoice.”

The money is left over from the first forestry grant which went out in May, Fredrickson explained. All the money left over from the first round was reallocated to fire departments like the one in Paradise. The money comes as a big help to the fire department, whose 14 firefighters are all volunteers, he said.

He said the department is helping other departments in the county be doing in-kind service, like hosting volunteer certification classes for the Hyrum, Logan, North Logan and Wellsville fire departments. The classes will train firefighters on business and residential structure fires and allow them to take an additional class on wildfires.


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