Paradise finally annexes Summers’ property

This article was originally posted Jan. 23, 2010 by the Hard News Café.

By Paul Lewis Siddoway

PARADISE–Jake Summers received approval for his 19.5 acres to be annexed into Paradise town limits Wednesday night at the Town Council meeting.

Summers said he has been trying to get his property incorporated into the town since 2008. Due to complications with the surveyor he contracted and property line disputes, he said the project has taken more time and money than initially anticipated.

“It took them three prints to catch all the errors,” Summers said, speaking of the map the engineering firm drew up to give to the town council. He said they could have fixed the mistakes the after the first printing. “Now I’m out an extra $1,000. I got hosed.”

Summers said the surveyor he hired to stake out the property and draw up the property description did not do a very good job.

“It’s taken way too long to work out the actual legal description of the property,” he said, explaining the commonly accepted property lines, marked in by fences and “grandfathered in,” did not match the legal boundaries previously recorded in town records. The property lines went through a canal and a barn, he added.

In other business, the council received a suggestion that the entrance to town be cleaned up, and they discussed what action needed to be taken. They also discussed what should be done about the floor in the kitchen of the city offices.

Read Paradise’s town plan and policies on incorporating new property at the link.


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